Goalline Sports Administration Systems
 Pursuant to state guidelines and protocols set forth by Ulin Rink you will need to adhere to the following policies when returning to the ice:
  • All players ,parents and family members must wear a mask alway while in building!!
  • Players should arrive at the rink dressed in their gear and enter the rink no sooner than 15 minutes before their scheduled ice time.  Goalies should come dressed with the exception of skates and pads, those should be put on at the rink.
  • Locker rooms will not be open.  Ulin will have benches where players can tie skates and put on their helmet and gloves.  The warm room will be open and those benches should be used also.
  • Players must wear face coverings when entering and exiting the building.  They are not required while on the ice.  
  • All players must have their own water bottle, there cannot be any sharing of water nor may coaches provide team water bottles.  Please clearly mark your players water bottle with their name.
  • After practice players should remove their helmet and gloves, put their face coverings back on and remove their skates.  The rink is asking that players be out of the rink within 15 minutes of the end of practice.
  • 1 spectator per skater is allowed in the building for Under 21 year old age groups.  No spectators for 21 and older. This is a mandate at all rinks this season.  Spectators MUST wear a face covering at all times and remain 6 feet apart from other spectators.  Rinks have the authority to remove spectators who are not following these rules.
  • Please do not congregate in the parking lot.
  • Bathrooms will be open for use by players and parents but closed to other members of the public.
  • If your player or anyone in the household is ill or experiencing any symptoms you must keep your player home.  Also, if you have traveled to one of the states that is NOT considered low risk by the state of MA we ask that you follow the guidelines of the state and remain out of any activities for 14 days.
As always I appreciate your support and adherence to these policies.  I am thrilled to have the kids back in the rink and will work hard to follow the guidelines bestowed upon us to keep the players and their families safe.
Thank You 
Ulin Rink